Caesar Salad

Salad may not be in keeping with the warming winter message I had going on in my previous post but after 1.5 hours of aerobics in the house with the heating cranked up, it was just fine for me.

I was leafing through my Mildred’s cookbook in search of foodie inspiration when I saw the recipe for Caesar salad which happens to be one of my favourite meals. Mildred’s is an excellent small chain of restaurants in London which caters to vegans and vegetarians.

I used to live in London and frequented this restaurant with my friends. It was nice to reminisce on this time being that in Manchester, where I live now, precautionary measures stopping households from mixing were installed against Covid back when rates were relatively low in July and haven’t been overturned since.

We had a whale of a time the last time we were in Mildred’s as they were serving ‘fuzzy green balls’ for dessert which of course we had to order. We received two energy balls on a plate. The waitress inquired as to our thoughts and we told her that one was ‘fruity’ and the other ‘nutty’.

Anyway, back on topic. I made a fair few changes to the recipe in the book to cut calories on the dressing but it was still lusciously thick and tangy. I also added some soya chunks to bulk out the salad.

Serves 2


60 ml single cream

80 ml yoghurt

1 tsp garlic

juice of half a lemon

1 tsp capers

3 anchovies (this wasn’t from Mildreds – 1 tsp vegetarian Worcestershire sauce is an alternative)

30ml oil (I used olive but a milder flavoured oil is better)

2 tbsp parmesan cheese (this is not always vegetarian)

2 eggs

100g green beans

1 avocado

1 romaine lettuce (I used 2 because there were 2 in the reduced section which is why my meal looks like such a behemoth)

100g cherry tomatoes

160g soya chunks (I used the brand ‘What the Cluck’)


1.) Boil some water. Trim the green beans. Cook the beans until soft. Take the beans out and set aside in a bowl.

2.) Add the eggs to the water and cook for about 8 minutes.

3.) In the meantime, cook the soya chunks in a pan and season with salt and pepper for about 5 minutes.

4.) Chop up the romaine lettuce, the cherry tomatoes and the avocado and plate them up. Add the green beans.

5.) Start to make the dressing. Grate around 2tbsp parmesan.

6.) Peel 1 clove of garlic and chop up finely (or use paste)

7.) Mince the 3 anchovies.

8.) Halve a lemon. Add the juice of one half to your container of choice, mix in the anchovies, parmesan and the garlic.

9.) Combine with the cream, yoghurt, oil, capers and some salt and pepper. Beat with a fork to incorporate everything.

10.) Add the soya chunks to the plate.

11.) Peel the eggs, chop them up and also plate them up.

12.) Dollop on spoonfuls of the dressing around the plate.

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